electromagnetic lock,60kg lock,Access control electromagnetic lock

electromagnetic lock,60kg lock,Access control electromagnetic lock


An electromagnetic lock, magnetic lock, is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate used for access control door locks. By attaching this to the door frame and the armature plate to the door, a current passing through the electromagnet attracts the armature plate, holding the access control door lock shut.


Unlike an electric strike access control door lock a magnetic lock has no interconnecting parts.it is possible to bypass the lock by disrupting the power supply. According to the different doors, sometimes will need U brackets or L&Z brackets to support mounting. Also, it can work with networking access control system which includes electric lock, power supply, access controller,exit button,door bell or RFID cards.




Product Installation:


Based on the different doors and swinging direction, additional brackets(original package not included),like U brackets or L&Z brackets maybe require to support mounting. Please refer to the detailed product manual.





Lock Size: 80Lx37.3Wx23.3H(mm)

Armature plate: 74Lx32Wx11H(mm)

Holding Force: 60kg(130lbs)

Mode: NC (locked whilst power supply is operating), fail safe mode

Voltage: DC12V

Current Draw: 0.11A ~0.15A

Safety function: Built-in voltage spike suppressor

Opening Mode: 90 degree swinging door

Suitable For: Wooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Fire Proof Door, etc.

Net Weight: 550g



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