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First, our core values are loyalty, gratitude, learning, innovation and hard struggle.
Two, our work style is: active attack, quick response, immediate action.
Three, our innovation culture is: either death or innovation, everything will change except wife and children.
Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Experience is debt and innovation is asset.
Four, our strategic culture is: in development, we should not forget steady, steady and seek development.
Expanding the whole country and going to the world J
Five, our crisis culture is: when we are in danger, we may fail in less than a minute.
The only business without crisis is death. It
Six, our efforts culture is: efforts are like pregnancy, and for a long time they will see themselves and others.
Survive within 118 hours and develop outside eight hours! It
Every private effort will increase returns and be shown on public occasions. It
Seven, our employment culture is that virtue is before us. Horse racing and horse racing! It
There are virtues, talents and talents.
No virtue, no talent, no use, no morality, no determination.
It is doubtful that the system should be the first to employ people. It
Eight, our execution culture is that great companies come from great principles, and great principles come from great execution. Understanding is also carried out, not understanding and execution. If you accept orders, execute resolutely, there will be doubts and questions.
Executive power is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises. It
The result is early, self Retreat: lock the target, focus on repetition.
Management is not human, management is responsibility.
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